Week 6 - Midterm Post-Mortems

My game is called Chalk Challenge, and it is a puzzle game about creating a chalk masterpiece. You play as a young girl (modeled after me) at a playground, and you must jump around the squares to turn them all the correct colors. The game isn’t meant to be challenging, rather it is a relaxing experience with the reward of creating the pictures. There are three levels, and each one is more difficult than the previous. However, if the player is overwhelmed by the size of the puzzle they can focus on small parts first, the game may just take longer. Once the player understands the mechanic, the puzzles are really simple.

While making the game my biggest challenge was deciding how difficult to make my puzzles, and how many I should have with what amount of increasing difficulty. I decided to keep what I had, because after play testing I found that the last two seem overwhelming at first, but after people got started playing them they only took between 1 and 3 minutes for each puzzle. I also had a hard time deciding how to theme my game, because at first I wanted it to be Photoshop themed, but I realized that if I was making a game like that it would only look nice if it were 2D. I decided on a playground because I could create a 3D setting around that.

If I had more time, I would definitely make more levels with a smoother increase in difficulty per puzzle. I would create a less linear path for the player that would feel more like a playground, because currently you have to walk in a straight path through the game. I could imagine levels, or the player can complete 5 puzzles in any order they want. Also, I would add a mechanic where you could create bigger pieces of art where there is more than one square per jump, so there could be more complex pieces of art.


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