Week 5 - Midterm Progress


This week, I designed all three puzzles for my game, and I layed out the grids and colors. The first puzzle is simple with only 8 squares, and the second two are more complicated images I drew in Photoshop. The images aren’t particularly autobiographical, but the autobiographical part of my game is about drawing pixel art in Photoshop, not the specific content of the drawings. I decided that the images should be something I would actually draw.

 I programed each section of the puzzle so that when all the tiles in each grid are correct, the walls open. I programmed multiple camera switches after each puzzle. Additionally, when the cameras switch the player is put on a square of the next puzzle. Although this doesn’t allow for the player to choose where to start the puzzle, I like that they are put directly on to the grid so they don’t feel like they need to overthink where they should start. I changed the layout of the overall level a bit, too, because the game started off too difficult. I also added the eraser feature, when the player steps on a red square, the squares in that row turn white. After play testing, I changed the movement of the player, and I changed the camera view. My game is Photoshop themed, so for Monday I plan on making models related to the program like a paintbrush, a paint bucket, and an eraser.


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