Week 4 - Midterm Idea

The concept of my project is about the process of creating pixel art in photoshop. It is a puzzle game where the goal is to replicate a piece of pixel art, and walking over the squares causes the squares to change color. If the player does the puzzle wrong, they can choose to restart. With a border, the squares will indicate what color they should be. The squares will be in a grid, and the player must figure out what order to step on all the squares. The art for the game will be simple pixel art, and the player will be a model of myself holding a paintbrush. I will add art assets around the beginning of the level that involve the theme of whatever the picture in that level is. To add to the difficulty of the puzzle, there might be additional mechanics like if the player steps on a certain square, and eraser will reset the squares in a straight line. When all of the squares in the level are the correct color, the player can move on to the next level. For now, I plan on having three levels, with each level increasing the amount of colors that the platforms can change.


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sounds really good, try to keep the scope reasonable though, i dont know how many level you will be able to make