Week 3 - Architecture, Performance, and Games

  • Software Architecture is the organization of code, and how well designed the code is. In relation to Unity, I think this means putting certain code in certain scripts, and within the scripts the simplicity and clarity of the code.
  • In prototyping the primary goal is to make something quickly that can quickly be changed, but in software architecture it is best to think things through so you can organize and optimize your code.
  • Decoupling means that if there are two pieces of code, you only need to deal with one of them to change what you want. It is essential to “minimize the amount of knowledge you need to have in-cranium before you can make progress.”
  • In my code for the treasure hunt game, when dealing with the UI I used a lot of if statements, when the player enters and exits a box on the map. I could use simplicity to try and combine some of the if statements.


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